iNZight 4.0 features improved coding capabilities, and minor interface changes.


27 July, 2020

Hi - here's a quick update to let you all know about our latest release, iNZight 4.0!

Live code writing and editing

The newest addition to iNZight is the ability to see and edit code for the current plot, allowing users interested in learning R the chance to "get their feet wet". To enable this new feature, head to File > Preferences, and activate the two checkboxes at the bottom of the window.

Not only does this display code for the current plot, but Get Summary and Get Inference also display code that can be edited and run.

Minor changes to Get Inference user interface

We've updated the Get Inference panel to be simpler to use and explore by removing the intermediate options panel. Hypothesis tests can now be chosen and modified directly from the Get Inference window, with the output updating instantly.

We realise many of you may have teaching material that may show the old steps, and we hope that the changes are self-explanatory enough that students can still follow along. However, we have also included a link to the previous build of iNZight (3.5.3) on the Windows download page, so you may direct students to use that instead if you prefer.

Updates to survey handling, and much more

As always, this release includes a suite of under-the-hood fixes and changes to some of the more advanced features. We've added new functionalities for survey designs and model fitting, all of which are listed on the changes page:

iNZight 4.0 Release Notes

If the link doesn't work, head to:

This is a big update, so a re-install is required

Since this release includes some pretty large changes behind-the-scenes (including upgrading to R 4.0), you'll need to head to the downloads page and download a fresh copy of iNZight. We suggests first uninstalling your current version to avoid conflicts.

iNZight Downloads Page

If the link doesn't work, head to:
To uninstall, head to your iNZightVIT folder (in Documents unless you installed elsewhere) and run Uninstall.exe

A note for mac users: unfortunately, due to a multitude of changes by Apple and the lack of development of GTK2 for mac, we are currently unable to support iNZight on macOS. Please see the downloads page (above) and choose mac to see alternatives.

That's all for now! Let us know what you think about the changes, if you run into any problems, or if you have any suggestions for new features. We always try to put user requests first, especially when time is a very limited resource!

The iNZight Team.