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Kaipupu Point - Sounds Wildlife Sanctuary

Movies 2007-2016

The movies show bird-count heatmaps over time. Bird counts are scaled by the number of visits in each year: for example if there were two visits in a particular year, the heatmap shows the average count at each counting station over the two visits. The date cursor at the top shows the date range for each frame.

Right-click on the movie image to save a copy to your own computer.

The blue arrows mark pest eradication in 2013 following a brodifacoum drop at the end of 2012 and the subsequent commencement of trapping.

Silvereye / Tauhou (850)

Bellbird / Korimako (421)

Silvereye and Bellbird: side-by-side movies

Silvereye are on the left in red; Bellbird are on the right in pink.

Grey warbler / Riroriro (135)

Fantail / Piwakawaka (80)

Shining cuckoo / Pipiwharauroa (55)

NZ Pigeon / Kereru (23)

Total Silvereye / Tauhou: 2007-2016

Total Bellbird / Korimako: 2007-2016

CatchIT is data-management software for conservation projects in New Zealand. For questions or comments, please contact Rachel Fewster.