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About us:

Welcome to CatchIT! We are a one-stop shop for data management and analysis for community pest control projects. We can store and organise your data from trap-lines, bait-lines, and tracking tunnels, and we provide a suite of maps, graphics, and analyses to display your results.

CatchIT is suitable for community projects, conservation management, and scientific research. There is no charge or fee. It is coordinated by Rachel Fewster of the University of Auckland.

Demo Videos and User Guides: updated!

Here are demos and user guides for our brand new version of CatchIT, released in January 2022.

Demo videos for using CatchIT:

Watch these short demo movies to get the most out of CatchIT.

Demo videos for Project Administrators:

Our Privacy Statement:

Try it out:

To try out the system, please contact Rachel Fewster to obtain a username and password.

Then go here to log in:


CatchIT-Schools is an educational programme for primary-school children to learn about science and data analysis in a hands-on conservation setting. The programme is featured in the NZ government's Environmental Education for Sustainability Strategy (p.22) and won the Education category in the inaugural Auckland Mayoral Conservation Awards 2018.

Meet the team:

CatchIT has been coordinated by Rachel Fewster since 2011, with software developers Giles Turner and Sunil Patel, and input from Rishika Chopara, Rosemary Barraclough, Sophie Kincaid, Oliver Stevenson, Brad Drayton, Mac Townsend, and Daniel van Vorsselen. Thanks also to Auckland University IT staff Rafal Szkup, Andrew Bevin, Prasanna Subramanian, and Matiu Carr for technical support.


The project has been funded since 2011 by:

CatchIT is data-management software for conservation projects in New Zealand. For questions or comments, please contact Rachel Fewster.