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Friends of Okura Bush


The movies show smooth versions of the catch heatmaps over time. The date cursor at the top shows the date range for each frame. The date cursor turns red in the summer months and blue in the winter months, so you can get a quick feel for how catches change over seasons.

Right-click on the movie image to save a copy to your own computer.

Mouse catches

Ship Rat catches

Possum catches

Total Mouse Catch: 2016

The locations on the right-hand maps are schematic diagrams: the actual trap locations are closer together. Each plotted point represents about four traps on average.

Total Rat Catch: 2016

Total Possum Catch: 2016

Total Stoat and Weasel Catch: 2016

Barcharts by month: 2015-2017

Latest catches

Total Mouse Catch: January - April 2017

Total Rat Catch: January - April 2017

Earlier catches

Total Mouse Catch: 2015

Total Rat Catch: 2015

CatchIT is data-management software for conservation projects in New Zealand. For questions or comments, please contact Rachel Fewster.