My recent speech in DSC-2007
Title: Interactive Software Paradigms for Statistical Visualisation

It's mostly about Taligent Model-View-Presenter, a paradigm that takes 2 minutes to understand the basics but years to learn enough details to actually write a program using it.

You can get the speech and the slides in here.  Also available is the colour chooser program which I used to demonstrate some concepts during the speech.  The program itself is less than useful but it aims to help me understand some of the control flows of Taligent MVP as suggested/implied/speculated (due to some missing details) in the original paper by Potel.  The work is still under (slow) development.

The application will only work under Linux at the moment however.  Worse still, without enough experience and a testing machine to work on, it may happen that the program will only work on Fedora Core (I'm using 4 and 6).  In fact, any suggestions on making it more cross-platform would be most welcomed.


Photos of different colours of sky tower, down-sized (2.7MB)
Photos of the cancer prevention talk organised by HKUAANZ by Michael (12MB)

In case any of you want a full-sized photo just drop me a mail and I'll send them to you. 

Managing Large Latex Documents

This is my initial attempt to manage a large latex document.  I found that file separation has to go to the section level because one chapter of a thesis can be some 60 pages -- a pretty large document indeed.   The problem comes to the \include command.  You want to use it because you may just want to send several chapters of the thesis to someone, and to your dismay you find that \include cannot be nested within documents.  This means you can only separate files at the chapter level.  But then, because you'd seldom give someone a single section of the chapter, it would then be OK to use \input instead.  The above link will show you how to.