10.7 Further reading

The Home Page of the R Project
The starting point for finding information about R. Includes manuals, particularly “An Introduction to R” and “R Data Import/Export”, and FAQ's.

CRAN--the Comprehensive R Archive Network
Where to download R and the various add-on packages for R.

R News
The newsletter of the R Project. Issue 4(1) has an excellent article on working with dates in R.

Introductory Statistics with R
by Peter Dalgaard
2nd Edition (2008) Springer.
Introduction to using R for basic statistical analysis.

Data Manipulation with R
by Phil Spector
(2008) Springer.
Broad coverage of data manipulation functions in R.

R Coding Conventions
An unofficial set of guidelines for laying out R code and choosing symbol names for R code.

Paul Murrell

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