Resources for the talk
"The openapi Project"
by Paul Murrell and Ashley Noel Hinton

The main (HTML) talk slides are here (they depend on several CSS and javascript files within this directory, particularly some based on DZSlides).

The source file for the slides is openapi.Rhtml, which was processed with 'knitr' to produce the final slides.

The data files for examples are in the data sub-directory

The script files for examples are in the src sub-directory

The XML module and pipeline files for examples are in the XML sub-directory

Due to the rapid rate of development (and the capricious nature of one of the developers) the example modules and pipelines will probably only run on a specific version of the 'oaglue' package: oaglue_0.1-0-2014-08-14.tar.gz (and even then, a number of other R packages will need to be installed for some scripts)

The results of running the example pipelines on an Ubuntu 12.04 box are within the Pipelines sub-directory

Ashley has produced a set of parallel resources that allow the examples in this talk to be run on the glue system that he is developing (the R package 'conduit').