VIT: Visual Inference Tools

VIT is a developing collection of software modules for use in teaching and learning experiences aimed at developing the core concepts of statistical inference. VIT is desktop software. VITonline is here.

It has modules for Sampling Variation (sampling distributions), Randomisation Variation, Bootstrap Confidence Intervals, Randomisation Tests (randomisation-based significance tests), and Confidence Interval Coverage. For capabilities, see Overview.

To gain an appreciation of VIT and how it can be used in teaching, see the ISR-15 page.


Behind the Scenes

This project is led by Chris Wild. Work on program infrastructure was begun by Garrett Grolemund (Rice University, who also came up with the name "Visual Inference Tools") and continued by Ben Stevenson and Simon Potter of the University of Auckland who have also done all of the programming of the modules. Their work builds from prototypes built by Keng Ha (Danny) Chang and Jieping (Vivian) Li.