The following is an interim distribution of the VGAM package. It fixes up some bugs that have been found between the latest official version and the next version to be officially released on CRAN. This website is not 'official'.

These have been tested 'okay' for R version 4.2.0. For this, the following packages may need to be installed: nlme, stringi for knitr. To do this in Linux, download the source files and install them from the command line.

Note 1: In VGAM 1.1-1 (first released in February 2019) all link functions end in "link", e.g., logit() renamed to logitlink(), loge() renamed to loglink(), etc. For safety, it is recommended that all models be refitted. . Sorry for the inconvenience! See chapter 1 of the book's complements to see all the changes. Backward compatability means the old names should be around for a while, but it's best to update your code more sooner than later.

Note 2: R version 3.5.0 or higher is necessary now as it seems to crash with R version 3.3.3 under Linux. Sorry, Mac versions are only available on CRAN.

Note 3: Recently, some functions and data sets have been moved from VGAM to VGAMdata. .

Thanks to Uwe Ligges for his Win-Builder web page.

VGAM for Linux etc

[ 1.5 MB gzipped tar file (VGAM_1.1-7.tar.gz) ]

VGAM for Windows (32+64-bit)

[ 7.1 MB zip file ( ]

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