Kia ora!

There’s nothing like a big review of assessment or curriculum to send us into a spin. For Statistics Teachers’ Day 2021 We invited teachers to join us as we re-imagined, reviewed, and refreshed data and statistical approaches at Curriculum Level 6 (CL6).

We explored worlds of data with three focuses: sample-to-population inference, probability modelling, and prediction.

In these workshops we:

  • Re-imagined the world from a teaching and learning perspective
  • Reviewed and shared conceptual development ideas based on local and international research and good old kiwi ingenuity (AKA what have we learnt from our experiences to date)
  • Refreshed how we think about data and possibilities for learning new things about the [student’s] world

License You are free to use these materials for non-commercial purposes (i.e. for your own teaching) but need to take care to make references to the work of others and any diagrams or frameworks used, as we have done so throughout these materials. If you have any questions about the materials, or use of the materials, please contact Anna Fergusson (University of Auckland,