Over the last 12 years we have been developing our understanding of sample-to-population inference. Along the way there have been diversions and road blocks. In this workshop we will remind ourselves about the big ideas in sample-to-population inference, explore how we can revitalise teaching and learning of sample-to-population inference and re-imagine ways to engage our students in statistical enquiry with a purpose.

The team for this session was: Pip Arnold (pip@karekareeducation.co.nz), Robyn Headifen, Maxine Pfannkuch, Sophie Wright, Rachael Ouwejan, Zac Rutledge, Marina McFarland, Mark Hooper, Lucy Edmonds, Michelle Dalrymple


The static slides from the workshop can be downloaded here as a PDF.

You can use the following link to make a copy of the workbook as a Google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nvarNr0oaVtGgrbr-VOUVbcg9DLq7gcgSVoKL6CyX00/copy

Starter activity

Sharing back from groups

Context analysis

Sharing back from groups

Interrogating secondary datasets

Sampling variability and sample size

Visualising and describing data


Answering the investigative question

Wrap up

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