A comparison of graphs rendered by graphviz, Rgraphviz, and gridGraphviz

Ashley Noel Hinton - ahin017@aucklanduni.ac.nz

Graphviz provides a simple way to make graph visualization plots from .dot scripts and the command line. Rgraphviz brings a lot of graphviz's features to R, plotted using the 'graphics' package. gridGraphviz is an attempt to do the same, using R's 'grid' package for rendering.

This page provides a series examples of graphs plotted with graphviz, Rgrapgviz, gridGraphviz version 0.2 rev. 7, and gridGraphviz as I have updated it over the course of my Summer Research Project 2013-14.


  1. simple undirected graph
  2. K6 complete graph
  3. directed graph
  4. "full" directed graph
  5. showing a path
  6. subgraphs
  7. subgraphs
  8. large graph