Lesley's computer lab session

Useful Links

Time-Series Data

  • Retail Trade Data has some good examples of seasonal effects. "The Hot Off The Press" gives some highlights and commentary on the key findings from the data. There are a number of tables that can be downloaded in an Excel format.
  • The Seasonal Adjustment resource explains the way Statistics New Zealand calculates seasonal adjustment.

Index Numbers

Statistics New Zealand produces several indices. The most common is the Consumers Price Index but others that we produce are the Food Price Index, Producers Price Index, Capital Price Index and Farm Price Index. The following links take you to the relevant "Hot Off The Press" web page.


Definitions of relevant terms.

Multivariate Data

Some teachers have been asking for multivariate data. The Census Data maybe useful. If you click on the Census Table Finder search on a set of variables you will get a list of tables. You need to choose a Table Builder table. This will enable you to get data down to area unit level.