Level 3, Statistics & Modelling

February 2006

Dunedin, Wellington, Palmerston North


Matt Regan (click here for background information)


8:45 9.00am Registration
9:00 10:30am Regression & Correlation:
  • presentation of a ready to use classroom resource
    • discussion of content and teaching issues
10:30 11:00am Morning Tea
11:00 11:45am Regression & Correlation (continued)
11:45 12:30pm Other resources for teaching Regression & Correlation:
12:30 1:15pm Lunch
1.15 2.30pm Questions we are often asked:
(PowerPoint for classroom use)
  • When can I use r and R-squared?
  • When can I make a 'causal type' claim
  • When can I say that a confidence interval gives support to a claim?
  • Why should I becareful with a media-reported margin of error?
2.30 3:00pm A tour of more Stats & Modelling online resources:
End of day