Year 13 Statistics & Modelling Workshop

Tuesday 16th November 2004

9.00 9.45am Welcome by Prof Chris Wild
The Work of a Statistician: Looking Back (Prof Alastair Scott)
9:45 10:30am Question & Answer / Discussion Session:
An opportunity to ask questions, get answers & discuss course and content. (PowerPoint slides and R-squared document)
11 12:30pm Shared Resources (Achievement Standards 3.1, 3.5, 3.7):
Sharing experiences, ideas and resources
(If you are a teacher and want access to these resources, please email Matt Regan.)
1.15 2.00pm Some teaching ideas and resources
2.00 3:00pm Computer Laboratory Session:
Creating an online survey for collecting data
Online forum & other useful websites

Contact: Matt Regan (Phone: (09) 373 7599 ext 85242), Rachel Cunliffe, & Ross Parsonage