Statistics Resources Links from the 2002 Workshop

  • Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics (David M Lane)
    An online statistics book with links to other statistics resources on the web. This website also contains simulations/demonstrations, java applets that demonstrate various statistical concepts, case studies, examples of real data with analyses and interpretation, Analysis lab, and some basic statistical analysis tools.

    Note that it is possible to download, and use without restrictions, the simulations and demonstrations on this site. This means these resources can be placed on your school's intranet and the students can access them without having to connect to out-of-school sites.

    Not to be missed on this site:
  • Exploring Data (Queensland Education)
    Excellent resources for Maths with Stats. Occasionally off-line but keep trying -- well worth it!.

    This website contains activities, worksheets, overhead transparency masters, datasets, and assessment ot support data explortation. It also contains an extensive collection of articles designed to enhance the statistics knowledge of the teacher. There is a resources page that gives a select list of some of the finest resources available to support introductory statistics, including texts, websites, datasets, java applets, and mailing lists.

    Not to be missed on this site:

  • Exploring Data -- Data Sets, Courses and Software (Drexel University)

    Lots of links to data sets and other statistical resources. All of the links have a brief description of the linked site and what it has to offer. The best sites are identified.

    Not to be missed on this site:
    • Ask Dr Math
      An archive of questions answered by the "math doctors" of this Math Forum Internet project includes High School Statistics.
    • Link to AP Statistics -- BB&N
      A course from the Buckingham Browne & Nichols School. Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics acquaints students with the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data, featuring work on projects involving the hands-on gathering and analysis of real world data. Ideas and computations presented in this course have immediate links and connections with actual events. Computers and calculators allow students to focus deeply on the concepts involved in statistics. Homework assignments include selected answers. The course prepares students for the AP exam in Statistics.
      Paul Meyers (Woodward Academy) AP Statistics on the Web, has lots of good resources including Tests and in particular Past Free Response Questions for some real good ideas about assignment and exam questions.

    Scroll down their page and click on the HOME link at the bottom of the page for even more treasures. Another rich resource is a section of this Drexel University project is at The Math Forum Internet Library-Prob/Stat.

  • NZMaths Web-site: Statistics Area

    This site is worth keeping an eye on! Looks like it could develop into a real useful resource area. It is part of the NZMaths Web-site.