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Development of iNZightVIT

iNZight is a student-driven project, so most of the big-scale changes occur over the (New Zealand) summer period. At other times, we mostly work on small changes and bug-fixes.

If you are interested in following iNZight, all of our work is kept on GitHub. Using the devtools package in R, you can download the latest developmental version of iNZight and try it out without waiting for a packaged release version to be made available.

To do this, just follow the R-user installation instructions, but use the following function call to install the development packages:


where package is one of the iNZight packages listed on the installation page.

iNZightVIT Beta

If you would like to try out the very latest developmental version of iNZightVIT, you can download it from GitHub (Windows only). We can't promise that this version will always be usable, as we sometimes make some fairly major changes that may introduce bugs. If you come across any of these, please let us know either by emailing us directly or, if you have a GitHub account, you can open a new issue if there isn't one already.