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Our Privacy Policy

iNZight is completely free to use, and we respect your privacy. We do not collect any personal information, although we do like to know about our users' behavior. Therefore, we do track anonomously where our users are from (city, country), what version of iNZight they use, and what operating system they are running (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Why collect information?

Knowing what versions our users are using, and their operating systems and locations, we can get a better idea of how people are using iNZight. Over time, this should allow us to make decisions about where we take iNZight in the future, based on our user base.

What if I don't want to?

If you prefer not to share this much with us, you can easily disable the sharing of any information by opening up iNZight, clicking File > Preferences, and deselecting the box next to Allow iNZight to collect anonymous usage information.

In the latest version of iNZight, we ask you if you would like to share information or not when you first start iNZight. If you decline, we will collect absolutely no information from you whatsoever.