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Change Log for iNZight

Changes in version 2.5

Release date: 08 November, 2015


  • specify colours for dotplots and scatterplots from the Add to Plot > Code more variables screen.

PATCH 2.5.1 - 16/11/2015

  • correct the names and URLs in the 'Help > User Guides' menu

  • fix bug that occurs when 'Colour by' variable has only one unique value

Changes in version 2.4

Release date: 12 October, 2015


  • Include FPC (finite population corrections) in survey designs


  • Replace the drag-drop boxes for variabes with drop-down boxes for an alternative method of variable selection. Drag-and-drop functionality has been retained.


  • Fix the enabling/disabling of buttons when survey designs are specified.

  • When closing the survey design window, they specified design is now checked for validity before saving the design.

  • Fix bug in the Multiple Response module that gave an "inverse" error message.

  • Various other small fixes throughout iNZight and other dependency pacakges. See their change logs for details.

PATCH 2.4.1 - 21/10/2015

  • Remove dependency on RODBC package; this causes issues on Mac attempting to manually install.

PATCH 2.4.2 - 28/10/2015

  • Add option to display labels internally on numeric x factor

  • Fix from iNZightPlots for Get Summary (n.missing now correct)

PATCH 2.4.3 - 02/11/2015

  • Improve smoothness of dotplot transitions by only redrawing when the scaling has changed.

Changes in version 2.3

Release date: 4 August, 2015


  • SURVEY DESIGNS: iNZight can now handle survey designs (currently Strata, 2-stage (nesting) clustering, and a weighting variable. Plots take account of this structure and inference that displays (currently only trend lines on bivariate plots) use functions from the 'survey' packages and thus incorporate weights.

  • Adjust the axis limits from the Add to Plot menu.

  • Adjust the number of bars displayed on a bar plot from the Add to Plot menu.


  • the plot tool bar has been added to the Menubar at the top of the page. This allows users to work in a dual-window mode (with a narrow iNZight interface and a separate plotting window) and still be able to access plot functions.


  • fixes to a few issues occuring in dotplots

  • display an error if Add to Plot is called without any variables having been selected

Changes in version 2.2.0-1

Release date: 01 July 2015


  • iNZightPlots package: fix colour of segmented bar plots to match the legend

Changes in version 2.2

Release date: 16 June 2015


  • users can specify a window size in File > Preferences

  • Links to the User Guides found on our website have been added, including help buttons in the Add To Plot and Inference Information windows.


  • LOCATE functionality now included for dot plots. Also fixes several bugs in the previous update for locating points in a scatter plot.


  • the "Row Operations" menu has been renamed "Data"

PATCH 2.2.0-1 (01 July 2015)

  • iNZightPlots package: fix colour of segmented bar plots to match the legend

PATCH 2.2.0-2 (27 July 2015)

  • Fix mapping of confidence intervals (instead of comparison intervals) to Year 12 intervals in dot plots.

Changes in version 2.1.1

Release date: 09 June 2015


  • fix a dependency issue required for aggregating data sets

Changes in version 2.1

Release date: 25 May 2015


  • New hexagonal binning plot available to large samples

  • Live updating sliders for the "Add to Plot" panel, which is now embedded into the main window rather than creating an additional pop-up window


  • The "Add to Plot", "Remove Additions" and "Inference Information" windows have been integrated into the main window with the aim of making the interface cleaner and easier to navigate.

  • When colouring points by a numeric variable, a continuous colour range is used rather than a discrete one.

  • The plotting package has been rewritten to accomodate survey designs (this will be integrated with iNZight itself at a later date). However, the plots have been modified to be cleaner and far more efficient. Additionally, the algorithms used for the inference information have been updated. For more information on this, see the iNZightPlots change log.

  • The "Get Summary" and "Get Inference" outputs have been redesigned to hopefully give a more intuitive, cleaner presentation of the information.

  • From dot plots and histograms, the comparison (and confidence) interval values can be read from the graph by clicking 'Get Values' in the 'Inference Information' panel. This includes the Year 12 intervals applied to medians.

  • LOCATOR: functionality for scatterplots vastly improved, allowing selection of related points, retaining points over multiple graphcs, and selecting points by a variable. (similar upgrades for dot plots coming in v2.2)


  • the number of missing values is now displayed on the plot, broken down by variable

  • the list of options in the 'Add to Plot' window are now in a drop down menu, rather than radio buttons, to save space

  • many other small UI improvements


  • if 'colour by' is set, but the graph is changed to a histogram, the legend is removed from the plot

  • fixes a bug in the plotting that was causing large values to fall off the axes of the plots

  • includes other patches from the previous version of iNZight

Changes in version 2.0.4

Release date: 18 November 2014


  • The data set name is displayed above the data view

  • The variable type is now displayed as a prefix to the variable names in the variable view

  • A new "Updates Available" shows up when new versions are released

  • A new Help tab that includes Licence information, and a link to the FAQ and Support pages


  • In the "Remove Additions" window, "Remove segmentation" has been renamed to "Remove colour by" for bar plots, and "Restore default labels" is added to remove customised plot labels


  • Removes development text from Load Data window

  • Fixes a bug in the Locate Points feature when the scales are vastly different

  • Scroll bars added to Reorder Levels window

  • The menu has been moved above the plot tabs, so it no longer gets cut off

Patch 2.0.4-1

Date: 12-12-2014

  • fixed up the plot device in Time Series on Linux machines

Patch 2.0.4-3

Date: 10-02-2015

  • fix a bug causing write-protected directories to crash

Patch 2.0.4-4

Date: 10-03-2015

  • ping for an internet connection before trying to check for updates

Changes in version 2.0.3

Release date: 17 September 2014


  • A new Multiple Response analysis module has been added to the Advanced menu. This utilises the iNZightMR package developed by Junjie Zeng


  • "Add to Plot" window modified for barcharts - can show onlyake CIs, and also selects comparison and confidence intervals by default


  • Includes a suite of bug fixes in the iNZightPlots package - see its NEWS file for these

Changes in version 2.0.2

Release date: 17 June 2014


  • can now cycle through all two-variable plots for a selected Variable 1

  • "play" button for the first subset by variable (automatically cycle levels)

  • data manipulation features added and modified


  • can now specify to identify min/max points in a dot plot

  • in the Add to Plot window for barcharts, reworded "segment by" to "colour by" for consistency.

  • the transparency slider now runs from 0


  • identify functionality works for subsets (except when multi plots at once)

Changes in version 2.0.1

Release date: 27 March 2014


  • Identify feature added to the "Add To Plot" menu. This allows users to interactively label points with 'id' or any other variable. This feature works for both dot plots and scatter plots.


  • Users can force scatter plots when the sample size is large, rather than using the alternative grid-density plot.

  • Missing observations can be converted to categorical levels. For categorical variables, the result is a new factor with the same levels as the original variable, but the additional 'missing' factor level. For continuous variables, a new factor variable with two levels, 'missing' and 'not missing' is created.


  • Vertical sliders added to the 'Rename Levels' and 'Rename factor levels' windows.

  • Reorder levels now works as expected, including sort by frequency.

  • Bug where the iNZight window closes even if a user clicks 'cancel' has been fixed.

Changes in version 2.0.0

Release date: 18 January 2014


  • The entire iNZight module of iNZightVIT has been rewritten, with a multitude of changes along the way.