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iNZight FAQ: Time Series Module

iNZight doesn't recognise my time variable

If your time variable is not in the format the program recognises, then you have to supply the time-structure information through the module's command window.

My data is daily, how do I tell iNZight?

iNZight doesn't have any automatic method for reading daily time data, however you can manually provide the information.

To do this, use the following values for the Provide Time Information window:

*This assumes your cycle is weekly; if you prefer a fortnightly (or otherwise) cycle, you'll need to make sure to adjust the frequency accordingly.

**There's no reason for weeks to start on "Monday"; if you prefer cycles to run Sunday to Saturday, then just remember that 1 = Sunday (so, if your first observation is from a Tuesday, you want to set season number = 3).

NOTE: "years" will not exist; if you have daily observations over several years, the week numbers will continue to increase after 52.